How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners

By | May 6, 2019

Through this post i am going to suggest you some important tips of how to make money with a blog for beginners. I hope, you have a blog and ready to being popular via it and earn money online. If you don’t have yet i recommended you to make a blog first and complete its requirements. Staring a blog is not a tough thing that can be create in less then 10 minutes. OK now read this make money blogging guide carefully and enhance your dreams.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging ?

This is limitless because it’s depend on your skills and working power. In this field i saw, few famous bloggers are earning a good amount of money and some are only waisting their time. Blogging for money is not a joke ! This also demands hard work and dedication. So if you are serious for blogging then definitely i can say, you can earn thousands of dollars in a single month.
When i create blog I had no experience and technical ability in this field but i started to learn about it deeply and soon i collected important information and facts and staring to boost my blogging journey. Now i’m earning a good income online via blogging.

How To Make Money With A Blog ?

How to create a blog for free and make money is often searching terms in google. So we covered some basic tips that make your make money blogging journey easy.
Here is a main content list that will be in our make money blogging guide..
1.) Start a blog And set up.
2.) Create useful and quality content daily.
3.) Find your readers ( increase traffic)
4.) Build engagements with your readers ( do some interesting for them )
5.) Use make money blogging tools to earn money online fast.
Reading that is easy but do them some hard so you must some hard work for achieve it. One by one we are trying to give you a better guide for above list so use your mind too.
So now here’s how to make money from a blog.
If you want to make money blogging then you must have a blog. Staring a blog is not a difficult task and many famous bloggers started their blog when they was beginner and had no any technical information.
If you don’t know the exact process of make a blog then don’t worry google is the king of whole world ideas. All bloggers learn and share their thoughts with each other, so choose a better guide at google for create blog.
I recommend you to use only high quality information about making blog. Their are many blogging platforms that can complete your blog in a 10 minutes but setup a better blog is a little long so do that carefully under any expert guide. Keep a clean layout and enough things to help your readers.

2.) Provide quality and unique contents

Always be original, this is one of the most useful formula to be popular blogger among audience. Focus on your niche/topic and try to make some improvements in it. Always try to create a different stuff it will make you different. Slowly you will become famous and a famous blogger have a trust of their target audience.
Boost trust of readers = more readers = more money
See what’s your readers want ? And start write for them because the audience is everything for you.  Solve their problem and satisfied them. Create ever useful contents and ask what they want. Behave like a professional and be interesting because the fun in meantime can keep your audience stay. Sometimes tell something about yourself It would have been that people will believe in you.
Keep in mind something while creating contents..
Choose your topic carefully and consider main topics
Think about your readers, what does that audience want.
Think how much competition do you have.
Always create content in a list format, or break your post into short separate paragraphs. Headings and sub headers must be use and keep it clean.
Write catchy blog post titles that get clicked like crazy.
Make it easy for readers to found to your blog.
Your posts must be informative, educational, and entertaining as well as long content is a good deal.

3.) Find your readers (Increase traffic)

No traffic = No money…so if you want to earn money from blog you must have a quality traffic on your blog. Their are several ways to boost your audience on your blog. But promotion is a first and most useful way to get a massive traffic. So today start promoting your blog and find readers. Here’s first time you should only use useful contents because it is also very important to stop the people. Otherwise people will not believe in you and no trust is similar to no next readers. So create some different and interesting.
Submit your blog at the all main search engines and learn about SEO every day. The organic traffic is the signal that your blog is useful so try to increase your organic traffic via search engine optimization. But don’t forget to use social media, that way is so fast to get targeted readers and trust. A new blogger can easily attract social media visitors because they want some different and new.
Start commenting on your same niches blog. Start finding top blog commenting sitesand leave their valuable comments everyday. It will be done that people will start to know you. You can also use some free ad posting sites to promote your blog and direct advertising.
Here’s some points to build audience…
  • Start networking with other bloggers on a regular basis.
  • Publish content for your target audience who wants to read that.
  • Use Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp to promote it.
  • Keep promoting everyday on different places. (a part of your blogging process)
  • Ask your audience to join you on social networks.
  • Make RSS subscription easy.
  • Be friendly with your audience.

4.) Build engagements with your readers

Building engagements with readers is the best process for how to make money blogging. Increasing traffic is not a enough work for boost your blog, its also a big task to stop them. Always understand your audience and how you can help them. Create some interesting for them and use your personal experience while posting something that can create a good environment.
Create a clean blog its impress readers they will want to come back definitely. Google count user experience so keep it good.
Here are some tips to consider:
  • Clearly show that what about your blog and how it can help people.
  • Keep less badges/widgets that don’t help you or your readers.
  • Keep less ads. (depends on how you earn money from your blog)
  • Update old content.
  • Design your navigation and keep important links in footer.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Improve page load times on your blog.
  • Publish useful and worthy content that people want to read and tell the world. Pay attention please, a pleasant atmosphere can lead you towards popularity. So keep it up. Here’s some tips to write..
  • Cover a topic in useful and more detail than competitors.
  • Use unique images and create a unique design/layout for the post.
  • Write the right headlines.
  • Write about newsworthy topics and be the first to jump on trends.
  • Publish content as often as your audience can consume it.

5.) Monetize Your Blog And Make Money Blogging

We have covered a short information about starting a blog, creating content, finding readers and building. That is not enough and this post is not about above topics but still I have kept those topics because i wanted to teach you some basics so that you do not have any further. The engagement with readers is so important things in this field so forget it. I highly recommend you to keep that above works complete and do experiment in your blogging. Before try to make money blogging you need to learn enough about blogging sonnever go with a half knowledge because a small mistake can be too heavy so be complete.


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