Top 5 best Paytm cash earning applications of 2019

By | December 16, 2018

Top 5 best Paytm cash earning applications of 2019

Hello friends, today I will show and give you the list of top 5 best Paytm cash earning applications of 2019. So let’s start the topic….!

As we know that nowadays so many students needs some pocket money to handle their expenses. So, that’s now so many developers starting to make earning applications. By which they earn a lot of profit and also give some part of their earning to their users. Their is benefit of the both because both of them are earning cash. Paytm app also helps both of them to transfer money between them without any bank account. So, this is the one of the major cause of successfulness of Paytm cash earning app.

Now, we will discuss about the top and best Paytm earning app of 2019. Nowadays there are so many earning apps available in the market which causes a lot of confusion. Users are confused that which applications are more useful for them to earn more. As the developers are offering very good earning features for them. It is a very difficult question for them to find. But I have find five best earning applications after researching a lot. So now I will show you the list one by one with detailed explanation also.

Top 5 Paytm earning App List

1. Mpl Pro – Mpl Pro or simply Mpl application is probably the fastest growing earning app according to me. Because this application had made it’s in less than one year. Which is a very appreciable thing to be noted. I have never seen such a fast growing application in the recent time.

The reason behind the success of this app is that it offer money to the user by only playing games. Which is really a great thing because so many of us loves to play Games. And if we will be paid for that, then nothing can be better than that. We can earn as much as we play more games from this application which is really a good thing. So that’s it is the number one earning application according to me.

2. Mcent Browser – Mcent browser is also top rated and most popular application earning application. There are so many cool features in it which attracts a lot of users towards it. It is also one of the most downloaded earning application.

The reason behind the success of this application is the unique idea to earn money. This application offer money for only surfing the internet. Which is really a unbelievable concept of earning. There is never a concept available like that in the market. The more we surf the browser, the more we get money from that. So for the unique concept of this application, I took it in the second place of my list.

3. Wooplr/Meesho – Wooplr/Meesho are also an amazing applications to earn. I took both these application at same place because both of these applications are exactly same. Their workings are also same but these are made by different-diifferent developers.

The reason behind the success of this application is that there we don’t have to work a lot. We only have to sell their products and we will get commissions from that. Which is really a good way of earning. The more we sold out their products, the more we get commissions from that. If anyone from our relative want a product then we order for them and can earn money by commissions from that.

4. Dream 11 – Dream 11 is also a great earning app and Mahindra Singh Dhoni is their brand ambassador. Which shows that this application is 100% legit and legal.

The reason behind the success of this app is that there we don’t have to download or install something. We Just have to give our predictions on the matches of sports. We can earn a lot of money without any limit with this application.

5. Loco – Loco is also an amazing earning application having a really good rating on play store.

This application provides us the money based on our knowledge. The more we have general knowledge, the more we can earn from this application. This application will ask some questions from us and we will be paid according to our correct answers.


So, these are few best and latest earning applications of 2019. I hope that you have liked my post and will also share it with your friends, so that they can also arrange their pocket money.

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