Top 10 Sites To Get Quality Back links (High PR Back-links Website to Create Backlinks free)

By | May 7, 2019

A visitor asked me some days ago how to get quality backlinks ? So i’m giving today high pr backlinks websites to create backlinks. According to SEO ” creating seo backlinks or dofollow backlinks is one of the most essential work for our blog ” So if want to higher rank for your website in search engines then you need to some quality backlinks for your blog or website. But keep in mind please building links in not a complete work. backlinks must be high PR because –
High pr backlinks = high rankings.

So Google, bing and other search engines love some much real backlinks not fake so never buy backlinks.

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High PR backlinks boost your blogs and website’s traffic also that increase ranking of your blog. So today in this guide, we are giving 10 free high PR dofollow websites list 2017. By using this list, you can get easily high pr backlinks. For links building a account would be setup by you and after that in account profile section, add your blog URL. that’s it You will get free backlinks.
We build this list of high pr dofollow backlinks via deeply search so do hard work and create backlinks. And always respect other hard work good luck 🙂

How To Build Backlinks ? Top Sites List :

lets start to get free backlinks 2016 in hindi

List Of Free High PR Backlinks Site List In Hindi

1. BlogAdda : Make Free Backlink
You can create free backlinks easily from here. Blogadda is a popular pr 7 website so we listed this site at top in our free high pr backlinks list 2017. For making backlinks, just follow the blow steps.

  • Go to blogadda
  • Now register new account
  • Click on my account.

After that you will find a option like Submit Your Blog just click on that.
Now add full details here of your blog and click on submit and that’s it.

A dofollow backlink you will get in some time.

2. Codeacademy 
Code academy is a famous coder and programmer website. You can get a quality backlinks over it. The process is free and follow steps.

  • Go to Codecademy
  • Register a new account
  • Go to your profile and add your website link.

3. Granta
Granta is very old site and you will create here a so high authority backlinks. So lets satart.

  • Go to Granta
  • Register a new account

Fill your profile and add your website link.
This is also PR7 backlink.
4. Backlink From OneTab

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Now search and install One -Tab extension at browser
  • Now add your website/blog in Firefox browser.
  • Click on One tab extension par (see top in the right side.)

A new page will open, now on Share as web page.
And that’s it, Done !!

5. Copyrighted

  • Go to Copyrighted
  • Create a account on it
  • Now add a content here from your blog.

While adding details, they will say to add your website URL, just add your website.
That’s it.

6. AllTop

  • Go to Alltop
  • Now select a technology category amd go to tech category.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a option like add your blog/website.

Just add your website details and in few days, you will get a confirmation email that your website submitted.
Thats it.

7. Indulgy

  • Go to Induglyk
  • Register a new account

Now add your blog’s photos here add and then the site will show your blog/website link at the photo. Thats it you will get dofollow backlink.

8. Mozilla Backlink

  • Go to Mozilla
  • Sign up free Mozilla account.
  • Just Fill here required details and click on submit
  • Verify your email for Account activativation.

Now Lon in your Mozilla account and with a website’s link, add your bio. That’s it

9. Ted

  • Go to Ted
  • Sign up at Ted
  • After Account activate, go to your profile and edit profile
  • Now scroll down, you get a link for website inserting.

Just add your website/blog – that’s it.

10. Eventful

  • Go to eventful
  • Sign up at eventful.
  • Verify your account.
  • Click on profile button and find a option like “Add More Info” Just click on that.

Now this code add Here <a href = “”> Your Keyword </a>

Replace Yourwebsite with your site url.

That’s it, You got high PR backlink.

Last Words :
Today we gave you Free High PR Backlinks Site List 2019. So never use any free backlink generator and never buy quality backlinks. Just use above steps to get high quality backlinks for free. And keep visit with us.

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