Speed Measurement and it’s types | Mechanical and Electrical tachometer

By | February 4, 2019

Speed Measurement | Types of speed Measurement and tachometer | Mechanical tachometers | Electrical tachometer and their types. | Some information about mechanical tachometer.

FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) :

1) How to speed Measurement done.
2) Explain the types of the speed Measurement.
3) Explain the speed Measurement.
4) Explain the mechanical tachometer.
5) Explain the Electrical tachometer.
6) State the different types of the mechanical tachometer.
7) State the different types of the Electrical Tachometers.

Hi guys, here we learn about speed Measurement , Types of Speed measurement also we learn about types of tachometer like Mechanical tachometer and Electrical tachometer, some information about mechanical tachometer and electrical tachometer, etc. Now the time to learning… 👇👇👇👇

Speed Measurement :

Some information about speed Measurement as following :
1) Speed measurement is an important parameter.
2) Speed is either measured for linear movement or for rotational movements.
3) Tachometers are the devices most commonly used for measuring speed.
4) Generally the measurement of angular speed may be made with a tachometer.
5) The tachometer may be defined as follows :
6) The tachometers are classified as under :
a) Mechanical tachometer.
b) Electrical tachometer.
Further these are classified again as follows:

Here some information about tachometer and their types –

a) Mechanical tachometer :

There are three types of mechanical tachometer are as following :
1) Revolution counters with a time period.
2) Centrifugal force tachometers.
3) Resonance tachometers.

b) Electrical tachometer :

There are six types of electrical tachometer are as following :
1) Eddy current (or dray type) tachometer.
2) Electric generator tachometer.
3) Contactless type tachometer.
4) Frequency type tachometer.
5) Ignition type tachometer.
6) Stroboscopic tachometer.

Speed Measurement

Fig. Electrical tachometer.

a) Mechanical Tachometers :

Here some information about mechanical tachometer.
1) These employ only mechanical puts and mechanical movements for the measurement of speeds.
2) The simplest type of mechanical tachometer is revolution counter.
3) Mechanical tachometer has plenty of limitation, which had give rise for electrical tachometer.
4) Following are some limitations of mechanical tachometer :
1) Mechanical tachometers imposes a load on the shafts to which they are connected, therefore they absorb power. Hence they are not used for application involving small powers.
2) On account of inertia of mechanical parts, the mechanical tachometers are not able to follow the variation in speed.
3) The mechanical tachometers normally use an arrangement where in a counter is used for counting the numbers of even and a stop watch is used for measurement of time.

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