Rotameter | Working, Advantages and disadvantages of Rotameter

By | February 3, 2019

Rotameter | Working of Rotameter | Construction of Rotameter | Advantages and Disadvantages | Application with diagram.

FAQ about Rotameter :

1) Explain the working of Rotameter.
2) State the materials of tube, float of Rotameter.
3) State advantages of Rotameter.
4) State disadvantages of Rotameter.
5) Explain construction of Rotameter.

Here we can learn all about Rotameter like Construction of Rotameter, working of Rotameter , application of Rotameter , Application of Rotameter, also we learn Advantages and Disadvantages / Limitations of Rotameter. So… Now this time to learn about the Rotameter .

Rotameter :

Construction of Rotameter :

1) It contain float, scale, tapered tube as shown in fig. The rotameter consists essentially of tapered metering- glass tube, inside of float is located which is active element of meter.
2) The float material has specific gravity higher than that of the fluid to be metered.
3) The spherical slots cut on a part of the float cause it to rotate slowly about axis of the tube and keep it centred.
4) The stability of the float is ensured de along whom the float would slide.


Fig. Rotameter.

Working of Rotameter :

1) With an increase in the flow rate, the float rises in the tube and there occurs an increase in the annular area between the float and the tube.
2) The float adjusts its position in relation to the discharge through the passes the float rides higher or 1 lower depending on the flow rate. Rotameters are widely used for metering purge flows, pump-seal fluid and coolants and lubricants for operating machinery.

Advantages of Rotameter :

1) Low cost, direct indicating, minimum piping required.
2) Pressure loss in rotameter is nearly constant and small.
3) It can handle any corrosive fluid.
4) It has quite good accuracy especially at low flow rates.
5) It provides linear scale.
6) It can be compensated for changes in fluid density and viscosity.
7) The capacity can be changed with relative ease by changing float, tube.
8) Condition of flow is readily visible.

Limitations / Disadvantages of Rotameter :

1) It must be installed in the vertical-position only.
2) For the high pressure & temp, it is expensive.
3) When opaque fluid is used, float may not be visible.
4) It can not be used with liquid carrying large percentage of solids in suspension.

ApplicationĀ of Rotameter :

It is used for measurement of the flow of liquid and gases.

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