How to restore lost and deleted data in Android phone

By | August 11, 2019

How to restore lost and deleted data in Android phone

Nowadays we are seeing that the use of smart phones is increasing day by day, apart from this we have so much data today or we can also say that there is more and more data, which we can store in our mobile phones. It can also be said that we always have our phone present, so we do not have to worry about data being lost because it stays in our device. However, there are many times that storing data in your phone can also cause problems for you.

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Usually our phones mostly contain our contact information, in addition to our friends and family, our messages and private chats are also our phones, in addition our phones may also contain audio files and sometimes funny videos, Apart from this, we keep videos in our phones. Apart from this, you also get a lot of our personal information in it. However, you do not get the function of Recycle Bin in it like Windows. For this reason, sometimes our important data is either deleted from our phone, other than that sometimes it happens that you can lose it for any reason. Although many times we keep backing it up, but sometimes it happens that you lose data due to this reason.

Now the question arises here that if you lose this data somewhere, then how can you get it back once again. However, let us also tell you that it is not so difficult to retrieve lost data. But it does not matter here whether you have backed up your data or not. Let us tell you that according to the Data Recovery Principal, any data which is in your phone gets stored in the ROM of the mobile. This means that even after your data is deleted, it remains in the phone’s ROM. If you are using a professional mobile phone data recovery technology, you can get this data i.e. your lost data once again.

Today we are going to tell you about how you can get the lost data from your phone once again, and tell you that there are many such data recovery tools, it would have made your task very easy. Are. So let’s start and know how you can get lost data from your phone again.

How to recover lost data on Android phone

Let us tell you that there are several steps in this system through which you are going to know how you can recover lost data in your Android phone. So let’s know.

Install data recovery software

The first thing you need to do is go to the desktop in your phone and download and install the Android file recovery software. This software is very secure and you do not get any virus or plugin in it. You can download any software on your phone by searching on Google. After this, you can take it in your phone and get its data once again.

Now how this software gets downloaded in your system, after that you will have to go to its home page after completing the process, now as soon as you go here.

Here you will be asked what kind of data you want to get once again. Here you get contacts, SMS, call history, photos, music, videos etc. Now you have to click on Next to proceed to the next step. Here we are discussing

Now connect the phone with your computer

Now you have to turn on USB debugging of your phone. You can get this different in different phones. What you need to do for this:

First of all you have to click on the settings, after that you have to go to the phone about it, after that you have to click on the phone version number 7 times, after that the developer option is going to be activated here. After this you can return to the Settings interface. After this you have to find the developer option, here you can enable USB debugging.

After following all the steps here, after proceeding, you will have to store your phone data once again. Here, you can regain your data by clicking Restore Delete Data.

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