Portable Apps that Makes Internet Browsing Easier

By | May 8, 2019

Earlier I used to run a lot of programs and use separate browsers for downloading other programs and to access internet via VPN. The use of Portable apps has provided me a bit ease because all the things that we store in one place will not get shattered all over drives and while cache also remain in same folder. The Main benefits is that we even can use from our thumb Drive (USB Drive) and all the bookmarks will get saved into the USB itself so that we don’t have to worry about saving it back to Hardisk by making separate folder.

The Best Place we can download our portable Applications is Portable Apps.com It has provided a good usb drive launchers so that we can easily access to our programs through one click from start Menu. We can download whole package directly from the website or we can select manually to download also.


Google Chrome Portable

Since Chrome is the best popular browser among all the internet users because of its faster  loading of pages and large number of extension that we can use to make our internet browsing easier and surf efficiently. With the Help of Portable Google Chrome browser we can save cache in our thumb Drive by using others computer too. With The help of launchers provided by them we can easily close and open the application in quick. The Bookmarks that we save are directly saved into the Thumb Drive so there is no worries of being bookmarked crashed

Mozilla Firefox Portable

You must be thinking why he is using two of the portable browsers but my answer is Firefox supports a large number of plugins that are even higher in numbers than Google chrome. The one features that I love most about Firefox is it can collect all the data even if there will be problem in internet connection and it even has realistic theme that we can provide in our Firefox.

Although there are several benefits of Firefox I prefer to use it because it is more convenient for me than Google Chrome browser. But For internet surfing I use Google Chrome because they have quick cache caching features and they load a web pages even faster than Firefox. The all Bookmarks will be automatically saved into the Thumb Drive in these portable browsers too.

Utorrent Portable

Utorrent is my Best Friend because it always can resume its download where ever we are if we sit in front of PC which is having an internet connection. The main advantage is that we can any time pause any time resume the download and utorrent never fails in downloading even after a long period of time and even in different internet connection.

So,I always download it from my Thumb Drive and pause and where ever I get presence of internet connection I plugged in and resume my downloads. Pretty useful Isn’t it


Portable Apps has provided a launcher from where we can launch our apps directly from the notification ICONS. You Must download it from its official site at Portable Apps . There are also other launchers available which is more effective but I am researching on it so I will write another post for it. So be sure to subscribe to the latest updates.

There is thousands of App at PortableApps.com all the giving description in a blog is not possible. You must check manually and see which is more effective in use for you. There Are even a large number of games that are made portable so that user can entertain themselves even after if any delay of download or copying process will occur.

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