Offer to work from home for online websites: How much fraud is that true?

By | August 3, 2019

Offer to work from home for online websites: How much fraud is that true?

Sanjana, who lives in Lucknow, earns $ 545 every day working from home? If you think Sanjana is lucky, then we get you from the lotus of Trichy who can be said to be even more fortunate than this. Kamal also earns at least $ 1328 (Rs. 81,000) per day just by sitting at home and surfing the Internet a little. Is not it amazing? Sanjana’s earnings in Indian rupees is Rs. 33, 000 while lotus Rs. 81, 000. Here we individually add that this earning is not ‘daily’ for months or years; Without any special effort, Rs. 33, 000, and Rs. Earnings of 81, 000 per day! Considering the regular working days (250 days) in one year from this figure, if their annual profits are added, it will be Rs. 80 lakhs and Rs. There are two crores. Shocked! In the day-to-day working of the boss, while working hard at the office, you earn barely a few hundred rupees, and earning lakhs of rupees in this house! So the companies who work in the corporate world make the companies stupid? Or is there a hoax somewhere in working from home? Let’s take a look at its reality:

Browsing successive Indian faces are seen holding checks in hand with a five-digit amount on many websites while browsing the Internet. Also, they offer you to become successful. They tell you that being like them is not a difficult task, nor does it require any particular skill. In simple words, they say to you, “Anyone can do this. Even you!”

A 16-year-old may find it an easy way to earn extra money in his spare time or to save for the future, an unemployed or fresher trying to get a job may find this offer very attractive, even the house Wife can also consider this opportunity a golden opportunity to earn money for herself. But is it that easy? If you go deep into the facts, then there is a big deception hidden inside it.

Scams and Ponzi schemes in the Indian market

Let’s look deeper into the facts. Most offers online are deceptive. To get the blessings of Hanuman from a fraud act, you also buy him to become wealthy by learning about his experience in the product he has purchased. While companies have freight marketing schemes and you feel a bit cheated by wasting your money.

Even at the beginning of the year 2000, a simple HTML website ‘Saxid India’ named ‘e-book telling the secrets to make money online’ is Rs 800 per-book. They are taken up. It was also offered to work in the site marketing (Ponzi schemes). For this, users had to add more people to promote branded products. People were convinced of the jargon used in marketing promotions – such as giving scan copies of large amounts of checks paid by Google AdWords and Google, etc. The site is still active, but people have already become smarter.

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Today fraudsters not only use simple pop-up advertisements or spam emails to lure their victims but also post jobs on forums and online classifieds. Such emails or advertisements offer some simple functions like “email processors,” which are a Ponzi scheme. For this, you have to pay for a start-up kit here. Every member joining this kit Gives money for

One of the significant advantages of increasing internet literacy is that most mail or internet users have started to understand the meaning of these breathtaking offers, and they do not get caught in these. Most such mails occur in the trash or spam. However, there are still some websites that are presenting their proposal so well that it does not look Ponzi or fraud anywhere. But aware users even do not get scared.

When the search started

We found hundreds of classified ads, forum posts offering work from home. Our criteria were simple – it was those who are looking for work from home, they do not take any payment; have trustworthy offers, and who appear in Google search.

We looked at specific ways of writing such Ponzi schemes. Most of the home pages in Google search were ‘Work from Home’ or ‘Make Money from Home.’ Surprisingly, they were all anti-virus protected websites and were like their commercial home page. Here are some of the sites that were presenting the ‘Work from Home’ option in a lovely way: We are doing this here: FastRupee & Neobux – No. 1 Pongi Website, Curiouser and Curiouser, ( and (

Lessons you may have also heard a famous jumla – ‘Old wine in a new bottle, which has a large salon in the bottle but contains poison inside it.’ This case of Ponzi is also similar. It has been taking advantage of the digital world by giving a new look and name to the old Ponzi schemes. In jobs or troubles, you start looking for additional ways of earning, and often these smugglers benefit from this.

Although in a way it is known to everyone that it is a fraud, it is impossible in such a way that it is impossible to punish or stop such a person due to its IT and Internet law flaws. These accounts are protected from the law of not disclosing the name of the account holder, and the banks of no complaints cannot take action on their behalf. So in the end, losing the incoming consumers, they give up trying to convince them.

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