How to make old PC convert into TV

By | July 15, 2019

How to make your old PC?

If you have a lot of money, that is, you do not lack the funds, then you can do one thing that you can pay even for your cable, besides you can fill your internet bill too, That is, you can pay only for both of them. However, after doing so, you do not need to choose any link from the World Wide Web and your favorite TV series. You can translate your old computer into a TV through some devices. Through this, you are going to save your money, as well as electronic waste. Today we are going to tell you how you can turn your old PC into a TV?


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What you need for:

You need an old computer, which requires about 10GB of hard disk space free, besides this, there is also a good enough processor in this PC.


Also, you need a TV tuner or a USB-based tuner box.

How To Make A PC In Your PC

Installing the TV signal: To give a TV signal to your computer’s screen, install the hardware in it. It can be done through many different devices. It depends on you, what kind of equipment you want to take, how much expensive method you wish to take, or how your computer’s situation is at this time. You can choose one of the TV tuners and one external TV tuner box.

This TV tuner needs to be installed in your system only through a professional. This is going to give you a clear connection to the TV channel. However, if we discuss the external TV tuner box, then it can be connected from the external computer with the help of a USB port. However, its connection can be slow. Apart from this, you can get low-resolution images too.


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Installing the TV Tuner software: You now have to install the software that comes with this TV Tuner in your PC. This software helps you, and channels can be controlled through a remote, and from this also you can control the volume, etc. Apart from this, you can also record live TV or show in your hard drive.

Channel Surfing: You are now fully prepared to watch TV channels on your PC screen comfortably. Now you have legal access to view all the channels, and you can not even see enough of these shows on the internet. But you can see them all here very quickly.

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