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By | May 8, 2019

We all know that how important one way back links is.  Incoming links that we obtain from the quality sites and contents are much helpful rather than we obtain by commenting on blogs and web directories as it helps in good ranking in search engines and good position in search engines which help us to get additional Organic traffic to our blog and website.

Google Is determining and ranking website or blogs in 0 to 10 possible points by amount of natural and Un- Natural incoming links. That means the links that we get from quality sources like the content that matches to our website can be said as natural links.

While the links that we make ourselves by blog commenting and using directories to submit our site and get free one way back links is termed as Un-Natural Links. Having large number of un-natural back links rather than natural one is harmful for our blog and website.

Incoming Links Value

When they find something useful on the Blog they get interested an like to visit again and subscribe too to get. So it is very useful to create interesting and quality content and articles to get proper one way natural back links into the site.

Still Google is ranking our blog and website through link popularity we get. Everyone is searching for the source for one way do follow back links they can find from to submit their site. So I think I could give them the list till now how my previous blog get indexed so far in the sites. I have scanned them through my Google webmaster tools to provide all links that my blog has indexed.

Do follow blogs and Websites that Indexed Our Blog So Far


These are some popular bookmarking sites than you can use to get back links from. Some of they are quality as well as non-quality links but they are useful for getting good search engine results. Most of them are stat analysis website which helped me for getting good rankings among search engines at first. Use It Wisely.

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