Keep these points in mind when purchasing a pen drive

By | August 1, 2019

Keep these points in mind when purchasing a pen drive

Nowadays, most people use new tools and techniques at the time of digitization. But we are not talking about any device equipped with Advance Technology, but we are talking about the pen drive. Pen drives have been used to store data for a long time.

According to a Microsoft survey, more than 70 percent of people use pen drives or flash drives to store data. But do you know that the pen drive which you are using is best for you or not, so let us know what other than speed and storage capacity to buy a pen drive should be kept in mind.

When you go to buy a pen drive, it will often be seen that a 16 GB pen drive will be available in both 1000 and 500 pricing. So you may think that why there is a difference in price despite having the same storage capacity. This difference is because the speed difference is different. Yes, the speed with the storage in a better pen drive is also good.

According to Sanjeev Jha, a software engineer in Infosys and having computers in computers, there are 2 versions of the pen drive. The pen drive is available in 3.0 and 2.0 versions. 3.0 is a new version and it is considered to be faster than 2.0. It transfers data from 100 Mb per second speed. At the same time, the speed of 2.0 versions is 10 to 15 MB. But 3.0 is a new version and most laptops and desktops get 2.0 port only, so in this case, if buying a pen drive with 3.0 version will not be beneficial for you and speed will not make any difference. So buying a USB 3.0 will be beneficial for you only when this version of your computer or laptop has a USB port.

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The size of the pen drive size also matters the quality of thick and large size pen drive is much better. If you are sensitive about the security of your data then the password-protected pen drive is best for you. Through this, you can keep your data safe.

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Every pen drive has a limited life span. These pen drives have the ability to run from 3000 to 5 thousand cycles, which is quite high. Keep these things in mind when you take a second-hand pen drive from your friend or from someone else. Because the used pen drive is in danger of data loss.

Every pen drive manufacturers come with a warranty. Some companies offer 5 years of warranty for some 7 years. In such a situation, you can get repairs or replacement by going to the company’s service center for any deficiency. So, while taking pen drives, also check this thing too.

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