iPhone VS ANDROID: Which of the two devices is much better?

By | July 14, 2019

iPhone VS ANDROID: Which of the two devices is much better?

If we discuss the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, then it is extraordinary in itself, and through this, it helps you unlock your phone more. However, just recently, in some Android phones, this kind of feature has been seen. Apart from this, you can tell that Android smartphones have a Smart Lock feature, through which Android users can place face recognition. However, this can be said as a less secure way.

If you have an Android device, then tell you that you get a better way of keeping your favorite contact here. However, if we discuss the face time of the iPhone, then it can be seen as a killer feature. It does not have any value.

When it comes to pressing on the lock button, you’ll see Android and iPhone in the same way. However, in some Android smartphones, this is quite a time-tech process. Tell you that Motorola, Samsung, and HTC have smart covers and sensors, which, when you take the phone out of your pocket, you start appearing on your own. Apart from this, Android also has Super Dim Dede; it’s a kind of lock, which protects your phone at night during charging.

You get the best camera in Android; however, besides the iPhone’s camera can also be called the best. However, in Android, photos can be used for a better, cheaper, and better experience. Apart from this, you also get the option to save unlimited photos in Google Photos.

Apple has finally started putting lowercase letters in the keyboard of their iPhone. This means that when you are not using the capital letters, you can use lowercase letters. However, Android’s stock keyboard is still much better than Apple in many cases. You also get swipe gestures and punctuation.

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Apple and Google have high app stores nearby. However, in the case of the app, you are going to get Google better. Apart from this, widgets in Android are also getting better than Apple.

Inside the iPhone, you are getting an active notification, which means that you can reply to any user without any hassle without opening the app without opening it. Although Android is inverted, in Android, you get the necessary notifications automatically. In addition to the same swipe, you can clear all the apps in both Apple and Android, which means that you can remove the information.

In Android you are getting a better and great music player, you are getting it as Google Play Music, although Apple’s Apple Music does not offer you anything in any way, but inverted in Android.

Gmail is used as its mail app in Android, no matter what email service you use. However, if you do not use Gmail, you will not be able to use Google’s other services so quickly. Apart from that, he automatically recognizes your exchange settings in Apple, although you have to tap a lot to navigate.

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Google Maps is a great app that is designed to give you great ways, and you can use it on both Android and iPhone. However, it can be used only in native Android. This means that Siri is not able to use Google Maps.

In both of them you are going to see many other differences, which you can see in Android and Apple phones, but tell you that no one here can be called winner, because in many cases Android has you More features are going to be seen, and in many places you are going to find that Apple’s fans are winning this battle. Both of them can say their best and brilliant in their position.

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