How to unlock bootloader in Realme phones – Bootloader Unlock in Realme 2 Pro and 1

By | January 23, 2019

How to unlock bootloader in all Realme devices 

Hello friends, today in my this video I will teach you that how to unlock bootloader in all Realme devices . As there are lot of people who wants to unlock the bootloader of their Realme devices to get more advantages for their smartphones. Realme company also understands the users need and their are working on that issue.

Bootloader Unlock Date – 

As we all know that Realme has given the access to users of Realme 2 Pro to unlock their smartphone’s bootloader on 15th of this January. But their are few steps to unlock it which will I discuss in this post. And  Realme 1 will get that access in the next month of February with the monthly update . The other Realme smartphones like as Realme 2, C1 and U1 will also get the bootloader unlock feature but now it is under consideration. So I hope that Now there will be no doubts in your mind about final dates of Bootloader unlock in Realme smartphones. So now I will teach you about the procedure of unlocking the bootlo we we

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Steps to unlock the bootloader – 

First of all I want to say you that Now bootloader unlocking feature is only for Realme 2 pro, so you can’t do that for other Realme smartphones. But when the other Realme smartphones get that feature then you can unlock bootloader via these steps. And the files given are now only for Realme 2 pro and Realme 1 files will also be updated when it got Bootloader unlock feature.


1. All your data would be deleted after unlockingthe bootloader, so make sure to do a backup of data.

2. You security and privacy may be leaked after unlocking you bootloader.

3. It may prevent you from updating your Color Is to the latest versions.

4. Some functions may not work properly.

Things needed –

1. Your Smartphone 😁 with more than 60% battery

2. USB Cable

3. PC or Mac

Procedure –

1. Back up your data.

2. Make sure you have updated your Smartphone to the latest version.

3. Give IMEI and sign up for the in-depth test by the given link ( The information will be reviewed by Realme staff, and the review can take upto 1-7 days. If your smartphone model and version are approved, you will receive an OTA package or update which will supports the in-depth test. Then Install the OTA.

4. Download and install the unlock tool application on your Smartphone by the link given (

5. A.  Open that unlock tool app

B.   Click on start applying

C.   After that check the box after reading all the above lines and click on submit application.

D.   After that a team will check your application.


E.    Within 1 hour your application will successfully reviewed and apk’s status will show reviewed successfully.

6. Then you can click on the “Start the in-depth test” and press and hold the power button to reboot the device fastboot mode.

Now needs PC or Mac

7. Then download fastboot tool on your PC or Mac (

8. Then after you have to click on the volume key of your Smartphone and take it on the unlock bootloader and press the power button to confirm it. After that your phone will reboot and will enter in ‘in depth test mode’. So by these ways your Realme smartphone’s bootloader will be unlocked.

Relock bootloader

Now there are questions arises in the mind of so many people that how to relock bootloader. Because if they Face any problems by unlocking the bootloader then they want to relock it. So there is also a way available to relock the bootloader. For that you have to firstly open that unlock tool apk. There you have to exit in the In-depth test. And then you have to follow all the above same steps but in the last step there will be the lock bootloader not unlock bootloader. So you have confirm on lock bootloader.

So this is all about how to unlock bootloader in all Realme smartphones or Realme 2 pro and Realme 1. I hope that all the above lines are understandable to all the viewers. And all of you are now well known to the procedure of unlocking and relocking the bootloader of Realme Smartphones. But if there is now also any doubt in your mind then you can ask to me without any hesitation.


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