How TIKTOK is bigger than Facebook and Instagram?

By | July 11, 2019

How TIKTOK is bigger than Facebook and Instagram?

If you have not heard about the social media app TikTok, then tell you that before knowing about this, understand that this short-form video app has overtaken the world’s popular social media apps Facebook and Instagram Have given. You might not be sure, but this is the only truth. TikTok has overtaken Facebook and Insta 

You also tell us that TikTok is a short-form video app, which was designed to share viral memes, apart from this, you tell us that now it has become quite popular among the world’s most of the teenagers. Let us show you that you will also find many Bollywood stars in it.

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What has been the most significant advantage through TikTok is that through this it has reduced the distance between one person to another, besides the information has come very close, this app is growing in large scale in India. Is. TikTok has around 50 per cent user in our country. As soon as you download this app, the engagement starts coming in the same way.

Apart from this, it has come into play much after Facebook and Instagram. Today, a large population is using it and sharing their feelings with music to others. Even though in a short time, this app has gained such an excellent reputation, let you know that this app started in China in 2016.

Byte Dance manufactured it in 2016, and this app has since been downloaded more than 1 billion times globally since its launch. This is because Facebook and Instagram are far behind. Apart from this, you tell us that last year, this app was downloaded around 663 million times worldwide. Apart from this, if we discussed Facebook last year, it was downloaded about 711 Limousines. Also, if we talk about Instagram, it was downloaded nearly 444 million times last year.

However, if we talk about this year, TikTok was installed more than 188 million times in the first quarter of this year. After this, it became the most significant app on social media. Let us tell you that it is not that it is a new company, its figures seem to be better, but tell you that this app has been downloaded more frequently than third-party Android stores in China. This means that its actual download count is too much. In China, this app is known as Doujin, although there are Facebook and Instagram bands in China.

Here you saw how TikTok had overtaken Facebook and Insta, even in the case of statistics, let you know that this app has achieved a more significant position, perhaps it is possible to make another app in the future. Seeing these figures, it can be said that TikTok has become a great app.


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