Hawking decided to travel from the wheelchair to the universe, to the world, the theories of Black Theory.

By | July 18, 2019

Hawking decided to travel from the wheelchair to the universe, to the world, the theories of Black Theory.

Famous scientist Stephen Hawking has said goodbye to the world. 76-year-old Hawking breathed his last in Cambridge. British physicist and cosmologist Hawking has done remarkable work in the field of the modern universe. Stephen was born on January 8, 1942, in the city of Oxford in England.

Stephen Hawking

At the age of 17, he started studying undergraduate at Oxford University, and after completing his degree in Physics, Hawking began to PhD.  in the direction of the University of Cambridge Cosmologist Denis Skyma.

However, Hawking has become a dangerous disease like the Motor Neuron at the age of only 21, all the nerves that control the muscles in the disease stop working slowly, causing the organ of the body to stop functioning. Doctors had said that Hawking would have survived for almost two years, but Hawking’s fame proved the doctors’ claims wrong.

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Yes, as the disease progressed, they had to resort to a wheelchair, which equipped with computers and modern technology. With the help of this, he used to do his research work in addition to daily practice. Along with time, almost the entire body of Hawking was paralyzed, but it was able to find out the specific types of techniques in his wheelchair, the Hawking face or the vibration of the eyes, what he wanted to say.

The disease physically disabled Stephen but did not break his or her fancy, in a short time, the emotions of doing some things made Hawking famous as a great scientist all over the world. In the year 1974, Hawking became the youngest member of Britain’s prestigious Royal Society. After five years, he was appointed as a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, and it is a coincidence that the great scientist Albert Einstein had ever named this post. Let’s tell you that Hawking is also compared to Albert Einstein.

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Stephen Hawking has given many important principles to the world, including radiation, Buck stein-Hawking Formula, Hawking Energy. Hawking’s work became the basis of many research. Stephen Hawking was awarded the highest civilian honor. He also wrote a book to explain to the people about the universe, whose name is ‘A Brief History of Time’ which is quite well-known.

In this book, he gave much information about the universe; he surprised the world by telling new things about black holes and big bang theory. Bing Bang Theory explains the origins of the universe and many mysterious things in it. At the age of 76, Hawking said goodbye to the world, but the story of Hawking’s productive full life in the research of the universe will always be resonated throughout the universe.

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