How GOOGLE’s new GALLERY GO differs from GOOGLE PHOTOS; Let’s know

By | August 11, 2019

How GOOGLE’s new GALLERY GO differs from GOOGLE PHOTOS; Let’s know

It was introduced in 2017 along with Android Oreo, Android Go was introduced especially for Smartphone’s that come with less RAM and lower prices. Apart from this it was launched especially for emerging markets such as countries like India. Although not just lightweight OS, apart from this OS you are getting many other apps like Google Go, YouTube Go and Gmail Go. Apart from this, Gallery Go was also added to this list on 24 July. It can be seen as a new product or app introduced in this category. With its biggest feature being its lightweight, you also get offline access to the Google Photos app.

Today, we are going to compare between these two apps i.e. Google Gallery Go and Google Photos App, to see which app you should use more, we are going to make this comparison today keeping in mind many parameters. Let us know what is the difference between these two ..

What is the same between GALLERY GO and GOOGLE PHOTOS?

In both apps, you are getting a photo gallery, through which you can browse your photos, in addition to edit them. Apart from this, you can view all your photos in the same chronicle order. Apart from this, you are going to see photos here in different folders.

Apart from this, if your phone has a micro-SD card slot, then you can copy and paste photos. You can do this directly from the card in your Gallery Go and Google Photos.

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Apart from this, let us tell you that Google’s editing tool is also available in both apps. Through this, you can also crop your photos quickly, in addition to rotate them and add filters etc. to them. Apart from this, you can also improve your photo with many other options present here. Apart from this, let us tell you that you can also use Google’s auto-enhancement tool to correct brightness and contrast etc. in one tap.

Apart from this, we also tell you that like Google Photos, you are also getting the option to sort automatic photos in Google Gallery Go. Apart from this, you can also set the category of your photo in both these apps.

What you can’t find in Google Gallery Go?

Whereas Google has tried that you get the same experience in Google Gallery Go, as you have found in Google Photos. However, even after this, you have many such features which you are not getting here.

If you discuss the first feature, then it is something that you are only getting the same photo in Google Gallery Go, which you can see on your device. As in Google Photos, you do not see your photo in the cloud account here.

Apart from this, Google Gallery Go organizes you photos in many different categories, in which you cannot find the search bar of Google Photos. The search bar you are getting in Google Photos also helps because you can easily search any photo under its name. However, you can also search from a location. Apart from this, you can also search photos with belly types. However, you cannot find anything like this in Google Gallery Go.

Apart from this, you are also not getting many edition tools in Google Gallery Go. However, you are getting features for filters and cropping / rotating. Apart from this, you are also getting sliders for exposure, highlights, saturation warmth etc.

Other features not in Google Gallery Go

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