Find out from these easy tips about the difference between real and fake phones.

By | July 25, 2019

Find out from these easy tips about the difference between real and fake phones.

We can never imagine that the Smartphone we are using can be fake in any way. Such questions never arise in our minds. It is also because we have spent a lot of money for this phone, now if our phone is fake, then it cannot be a significant injury to us. Suppose you are using Samsung’s expensive phone, but it’s just the device that you have given money for, it’s a fake phone from the inside. It may also be that the body of that phone is real, inside of the phone it made of counterfeit parts. Although this article does not mean that you should start treating your phone as a fake, we want to make you understand that it can happen; many cases have come out in front of them. From this article, we are trying to explain to you the difference between fake and real phones only.

fake phone

In China, copying Samsung’s high-end phones is big business. According to NTU’s 2017 Knock-Off Smartphone report, Samsung’s Smartphone had more than 36 per cent of counterfeit markets last year, in addition to 7.7 per cent of iphones and about 3.4 per cent of Huawei. In addition to the European market, the Galaxy S7 Edge was the most significant scale on the list.

Now that we are seeing that the market of fake phones is flowing in China, it can happen that in our country there is something like that which we do not even know. This information is to be taken just like salt in a pinch. But this is a matter of concern. Because the phone that you are spending so much money, if it gets fake, then we can understand what will happen to you.

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Abby comes to know how the difference between a fake and real phone revealed. As the most significant difference, it is seen that fake phones have some shade. Now if you do not want to spoil your money on a fake phone, let us tell you how you can avoid spending more of your money on a bad phone.

Exterior design

Then you can easily find it by searching through its exterior design. The placement of buttons in the fake telephone can be a bit different. You may also find some different and suspicious, even after watching the installation of the camera etc. Although it sounds pretty easy to say, in real life, this is not so easy. You are going to be very hard to recognize this difference. However, you can start this way.

If you are going to a shop and you are taking a call, then, first of all, you will have to do it that you first turn on the phone. However, if you do not do this, then you may have trouble after some time after taking your phone.

Apart from this, if you turn on the phone, then first you should see if its UI matches the company’s theme or not.

The phone’s performance also matters here. It is one of the most significant aspects that comes after buying a phone only. Now if fake hardware has used inside the phone, then you will find its address after a long time, and after that, there is a lot of regrets.

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Do not forget to test

Now if you are buying an old phone from someone, then seeing that you are purchasing this device, seeing that you do not see the full money, you can see the phone and take the phone and try it for a while. If you face any problem in the meantime, then you do not pay full money for this phone Matching hardware etc.

If you are taking a phone, you should first see the hardware of the hardware company’s device. Let’s say a phone is launched with 4GB RAM and a high-end processor, besides it has a known GPU, and you already know about storage. So when you take the phone, look at her too. If it matches, then you are getting a real phone. However, if you are not eating it, then it may be a matter of concern for you.

Try running a CPU-Z bench. By doing this, you can easily find the difference between a real and fake phone.

Comparing IMEI Number

Finally, you are advised that you compare the phone’s IMEI number and however, you rarely get a fake phone, but if you remain alert, you do not have to avoid any problem. We hope you like this info. If you have some similar ideas or ideas, or if you also have some more information about it, then share it with us as well.

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