Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting In 2019

By | June 24, 2019

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting In 2019

Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, content writer or an organization you always need a flexible hosting to run your website. Hosting is the home for the website where its files are stored and managed for a certain time period.

If you commence a website, even though you don’t want to work on it, but it needs to be host somewhere so that it can be visible for your customers.

Fastest web hosting can make your website approachable for your audience. Reliability, speed, flexibility and affordable are the sign of powerful web hosting service.

Most webmasters don’t mindful about their web hosting assistance. If you are recent in this web hosting realm then you need to be aware of diverse hosting intents, how to utilize it and get benefits from web hosting so that you can become fluent and learn and earn more for your better future.

The first step you have to clearly understand that a web hosting service is the hidden but powerful foundation of online business. You never imagine a fortunate website without a speedy server.

Fastest web hosting can make your website approachable for your audience. Reliability, speed, flexibility and affordable are the sign of powerful web hosting service.

Here, in this guide, we are giving you a basic overview of significant hosting types and how to obtain profits for your commercial website.

What is Web Hosting?

Where you live on the earth? You live on a certain land which was bought by you or your parents. Every person needs to land to make a living.

Where you store your computer files? Computer files are stored in hard disk or CPU.

I think you would have understood clearly that your website needs to be stored online because the website is a software product, not a physical object. So you have to buy internet space to hoard your website content, images, and JavaScript and J-Query files.

A technical definition, your database is stored on the web servers. Web servers are the same as a personal computer but not exactly personal. When someone searches something by search bar then servers connect it to the internet and show the results.

These servers run online without hurdle so that your website can apparent online all time. Web hosting services are delivered by countless hosting companies along with technical support and other managed features.

These managed services help you to grow fast. And your service provider is responsible to protect your web and aid you during downtime.

Some web hosting companies are offering free servers but it is not suitable in the startup phase of your online website.

Note – If you don’t have hosting, the hosting company will help you buy one.

How to buy web hosting for your website?

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistakes of buying web hosting service for their business. In this section, I will reveal everything about how to buy web hosting and web hosting scams so stay continues.

Before buying a hosting package you have to get some basic principles of your website. So that you can reach up to suitable hosting features. So first determine certain things about your business and sat your limitations.

These questions can make your mindset better in buying a web hosting.

After buying a domain name that will be the sign of your products and services, you will need a website in order to show your products, service, content, images, and videos in front of your readers.

  • Consider your website and its future and growth.
  • Try to understand different types of hosting.

After taking deep dive into your business requires, you should undergo Google and search web hosting firms. Find distinct companies and examine their hosting packages. Contact various sales departments and consult about your business requirements.

Try to find about how strong their technical support service and how much old hosting company. Some providers offer trial plans for a month so you can get them and test your website. If you satisfy by their free trial then continue. Get more details on hosting prices, server locations, tech features, renew prices.

There are two main choices to run your website

Shared Hosting is ideal for small businesses. It made to handle small data and files and an initial stage of the website. In this hosting, your website is not solitary.

There are lots of websites are run on an isolate physical server. But dedicated server made for a large business. It has large space, Hard disk, and RAM and you need to pay more than shared hosting in case if you get it.

Different types of web hosting

There are lots of misunderstandings when it comes to finding web hosting options accessible in the market. We are trying to solve this confusion. Several options are obtainable in the market and it relies on your comprehension which best is for you.

1. Shared Hosting

This is a very small form of hosting technology which trust able by many bloggers and catalysts. There are lots of websites that run on a single physical server which is located in a certain place. In which, resources of hosting are shared by many users but they cannot detect others c Panel. You obtain many features like CPU, RAM and so on. The cost of all shared hosting plans will comparatively miserable.

2. VPS Hosting

It is a pure combination of a shared and dedicated server. If your website has crossed the terms of shared and too small for dedicated serves, it’s time to move from shared to a virtual private server. You get single accessibility and more control over the website.

You get single accessibility and more control over the website.

3. Dedicated Server

It is the most powerful hosting due to its performance, speed and backend features. In which you get your own server to store a single website database. It is more secure and faster than shared and VPS.

Benefits of Web Hosting

Every product is bought to procure benefits so how you can ignore the advantages in the case of web hosting.

It is necessary to have a web hosting if you are running an online business. Because good hosting can grow your website and give benefits in form of sells, user engagement and so on. First, you need to make sense of hosting service which you are going to acquire.

Here are some important features you should be expected from your hosting company

Technical support

This is the most essential feature you must inquire to your service provider they offer. Many new bloggers don’t emphasize this feature. So they buy hosting without technical support feature but after that, they regret when the website goes down.

A small error can shut down your blog. So you should not ignore it.

Managed Features

It is not a form of hosting. In which all the backed support services are maintained by your service provider so that you can work for your online business to arise fast. Your hosting company looks after it. By this feature, you get a lot of time to work to focus as you desire.

Unlimited space

It depends on what kind of hosting you are looking for like shared hosting, dedicated and other plans. Space also depends on your budget, website size and what does your hosting company suggests you.


Want to protect a website? Choose an advanced hosting package to run the website. Webmasters can get higher security along with upgraded plans. A professional web hosting offers high-level security features to shelter your cPanel and hard disk.


I hope you would understand clearly about the basics of web hosting. I wrote this guide for only beginners. I always suggest to our readers to carefully choose web hosting services.

Most of the bloggers only plan content writing and content marketing strategy. They don’t know the importance of web hosting. So I want you to read this guide again and again so that you can buy a reliable web host for your business.

We will write the next article around the advanced features of web hosting.


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