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By | June 13, 2019

Cardio is important for both weight loss and good health of the cardiovascular system.  If you are not an ectomorph, carry out their part of the system should focus on aerobics. Contrary to what some people believe, cardio you are not reducing muscle mass, and this helps build strength and get more definition.

Below is a list of reasons why they should keep up to date with cardio workouts.

1 ) Disease prevention, as obesity and heart attack
2 ) Good mental health (research shows that people who are more or less the exercise may be reduced)
3 ) Shed that the outside layer of fat on the body of the unwanted show is so hard he worked for
4 )This lowers blood pressure and resting heart
5 ) It increases the flow of blood to your muscles, resulting in more nutrients are delivered to them
6 ) It increases strength, which may help in weight to lift longer periods
If you’re doing cardio, there are several things that must be borne in mind, they are duration, intensity, and frequency.


The time is how long you can do continuous aerobic activity in one session. Ideally, training should be between 20 and 60 minutes per session. However, if you are a beginner, you can start doing shorter workouts, about 10 minutes after the time. When you become stronger and more comfortable, you should start to increase as long as you exercise. Never should the strain, especially if you are a beginner. If you believe that the weak or dizzy, slowing or stopping, and, of course, consult your doctor if you have any health problems before. Keep in mind that although it will not be promoted cardio loss of muscle mass If the aim is to be done, you can add only about 20-30 minutes of time, or will burn too many calories.

Sample workout for beginners 
2 minutes to heat (such as light walking)
6 minutes higher intensity activity (e.g. Thank you! Walking, jogging lamps, etc.)
2-minute cooldown (such as walking or light stretching)

Sample workout for intermediate
Heat 5 minutes
20-35 minutes of high-intensity cardio
5-minute cooldown
Sample workout for advanced
10 min warm up
40 min high-intensity cardio
10 min cooldown

Cardio Fitness Continued

Intensity means, how difficult it is in the course of their work. This is a key element for optimum health and the loss of fat. Beginners should strive to lower the target heart that 55% of their maximum heart rates, while intermediate and advanced people should strive to around 65-90%. The maximum level of the heart is about 220 minus your age, but of course, this may vary depending on your fitness level. Gym equipment usually hands censorship that it will be possible to find out what is in the heart rate so that you can maintain a good level of intensity throughout the workout. If you find these annoying censorship possessions or are outside and easily see how difficult it is to work, as well as you can talk to.

If you can sing without difficulty, they are not working hard enough
If you can talk without much difficulty, it is very difficult not working
If you can talk with some difficulties while working at an average
If you can not talk at all, it may be too difficult to work
Take a look at those guidelines, and the judge at your own pace, which is good for you.


If you are not an ectomorph, it should generally be cardio exercise 3-5 times a week, unless you have a lot to lose fat, you can go to 5-7 times a week. You are never the cardio fitness sessions for more than 48 hours because your body loses to start the positive effects of the previous workout.

Interval Training

A series of training is a cardio workout that will have less time than regular cardio workout and burn more calories. This type of workout is very effective and will only need to do to 15 – 20 minutes after the time. An example of interval training is to run for 3 minutes and walk briskly for 2 minutes. You continue this cycle until the workout is complete (do not forget to warm). This type of workout is great for the prevention, boredom that can come from steady state cardio and increases in fat to lose. A series of training is also good for your heart to enhance skills and prevent loss of muscle, which may come from regular cardio. Remember that you should always be a change in the duration, how long it is up and walking to keep your body guessing. This type of cardio you can do at any cardio machines, as well as outside.

A series of cardio training vs. state
A series of training – Pro
burns lots of fat
takes less time
burns less muscle tissue
Steady state cardiovascular – Pro
It improves endurance
A small impact on the joints
It is not so easy to “Burn out” – will be so until the end of burning more calories
Ideal workout routine will consist of both types of cardio, as they both have their own advantages. I do recommend break one-day training and will become the next.

Examples of cardio workouts per week 
Steady state cardio 40 minutes of stationary bike
A series of training treadmill 20 minutes 
Steady state cardio 30 minutes to swim 
A series of training 20 minutes ecliptically coach 
Sunday Steady-state 60 minutes cardio rolls  This is just an example to show how you can vary your workouts. Be sure to keep their games and change them so that the weekly your body does not get used to the certain workout, and not get bored!


For those people who have just heard of the number of different benefits which yoga has on their lives as well as their health, or they just got around to practice yoga, there are various yoga positions for these beginners which are very easy to learn. Even those people who have never had the experience of attending a yoga session, or they have never even seen a yoga session, there is no problem for them in getting to learn yoga.

Those new to yoga have heard people talk, or have read about, the way practicing yoga makes the spirit, the mind, and the body, come together as one. Beginners, of course, wonder how this can be done. They will want to know how to do these exercises and also the kind of positions which will the best and the most useful to them.

The first thing beginners to the practice of yoga should know is that the practice of yoga is very effective, and it will help a lot in refreshing their body and mind and cure any illness that they might have. Another fact for beginners to yoga is that yoga has been performed by people for a long time, and it has benefited a lot of people.

The basic positions for beginners are seated poses, standing poses, backward bends, forward bend, twisting, and balancing. The positions for beginners are just a few steps behind from the positions of the regular yoga practitioners. For beginners, the time duration of the positions is less as compared to those of people who practice regularly and are advanced.


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