10 Best Torrent Sites For To Download Your Favorite Torrents(2019)

By | July 5, 2019

We are well into the new year and the odds are high that the reliable individuals from the BitTorrent people group have just begun to search for the best torrent sites for 2019 so as to get their hands on various substance.

The Increase in legal activities contrary to several torrent websites could be considered as a critical reason that the List of the top torrent sites might change more often than it did a couple of decades back.  Frequent users of the BitTorrent network might well recall the way the torrent-giants KickAss and Extra Torrents moved. There’s also been a growing increase in the need for its VPN providers, which reestablish torrent sites. Another you will find a lot of free film streaming sites even on the net for free-of-cost amusement. Before you get started torrenting, You Might already know that, however, you can read our article on Bit Torrent fundamentals to be aware of the basic terminologies and the way torrent functions.  In the event, you’re on the lookout for the ideal equipment to get your favorite torrents, have a look at our List of their most fabulous torrent customers.


Pirated content!  Now, You might be willing to understand what would be the top torrenting sites you may go to.  However, before that, you must know about a few essential things.  It is a known actuality that the majority of the torrent sites exist to meet people’s excitement for piracy (Read about why folks pirate) and also to download films, television shows, and other items without paying anything.  You Might know about the fact that cooperating in copyright infringement is against the law in several nations and might land men and women in prison.  Thus, in the event you’re searching for something untrue, this is our List of 13 best torrent sites for secure and legal torrents. Safeguard your privacy Another Important issue to notice is that you are not anonymous when downloading documents in the Bit Torrent network.  Though the P2P document sharing-based system is highly decentralized, a sound individual or the online supplier can monitor an individual’s torrenting activity. Important Many VPN providers offer you dedicated service for P2P file sharing technology.  Have a look at our List of the ten most exceptional VPN services. Our

The Pirate Bay

The favorite website wore the crown this past year following the entire wipeout of all KickAss Torrents.  TPB is a famous name for its varied collection of these Users gets the torrent index through TPB’s easy to use interface that hasn’t changed lately. The VIP/trusted icon attribute for up loaders also guarantees a download.  A Reason TPB ranks on top one of the best torrent sites is your prosperity of seeds, which assists in quicker downloading of documents.  Although this torrent website (and many others) might be obstructed in a few nations, utilizing a VPN service such as Personal online accessibility or ExpressVPN will work out this issue.

Why use TPB?

  • Oldest,
  • VIP/trusted User badge
  • Plenty of Trustworthy mirrors


Is intended mainly for people who favor downloading film torrents over anything else. The torrent site has changed to some other domain that has a lesser Alexa rank. One thing to notice is that the website does not have any ties with the first YTS/YIFY team, which closed down operations two or three years back.  Nonetheless, the site has managed to get their name to the celebrity charts.

YTS is famous for its visual look. Moving across the line of additional torrent indexing sites, the home page today only comes with a research page.  Pirated content mainly cultivated YTS. However, the looks are sufficient to provide fierce competition to popular streaming solutions.

Users can easily create content requests and provide comments into the operators of the site.  But precisely the same requires an individual account and also to make remarks on the website.

Why use YTS.ag?

  • Efficient Search filter with helpful filters and sorting choices sterile


1337x Is a torrent site that is aware of its visual look. The torrent also supplies a Trending segment which lists hot torrents to get per day weekly. Top 100 torrents lists for various categories may also help the users locating great floods to download.

Why use 1337x?

  • Sterile Feel and look for listing web page • also useful for hunting older torrents


Even though Its own not-so-modern seem might not please some users, the website effectively does exactly what it is intended for, i.e., supplying healthy torrent files into the leeches.  But users must prepare themselves to view many advertising tabs when clicking hyperlinks on the website.  Even

Using a small fall at the Alexa rank, Rarbg remains one of the top torrent sites on the internet.  Additional Rarbg also hosts an independent webpage to comprise trailers of unique films and reveals. Individuals might not pay a visit to a torrent site for viewing trailers.  Nonetheless, it might be valuable to some.

An individual May also undergo Rarbg’s Top 10 torrents lists for a variety of classes to get a notion about what other men and women are downloading from the torrent site.

Why use Rarbg?

  • Focus On caliber torrents
  • Website Section for information in the entertainment sector


It merely does the task of discovering the torrents present on different torrent sites. Nonetheless, it seems that Torrentz2 might be a worthy addition amongst 2019’s top torrent sites.

Additional Than using the search box to find torrents, users may also stop by the MyTorrentz segment where they can choose the support of the label bubble and watch confirmed torrents for various categories.

Why use Torrentz2?

  • A met search Engine with torrents out of 90+ sites
  • .onion Mirror Sites also accessible


Considering that the previous few decades, the domain EZTV.ag was able to maintain itself beneath the top 1000 websites on Alexa.  EZTV is Visited from the online people considering downloading TV series torrents.  In reality, it’s the sole content class you’d locate with this popular torrent site. It also allows people to create a user account where they could save torrents as favorites.

Why use Eztv?

  • Countdown List useful
  • Users can keep tabs on future torrent uploads through segments known as Countdown List. For the content uploaded, the Calendar section is also beneficial.


Limtorrents It seems quite simple to discover a wholesome torrent, and that which makes Lime Torrents among the best torrent sites is your routine updating of articles. He torrent site features different web pages in which it provides updated lists to the top 100 torrents trending the most, and the hottest flows uploaded into the website.  Further,

Why use Lime torrents?

  • Simple to Place verified torrents with celebrity badge
  • Upgraded List of top 100 and brand new 100 torrents


It is a comparatively new name from the Bit Torrent ecosystem, but it’s rising from the achievement graphs pretty quickly. With this Increase, the charge is to be supplied to the steadily increasing amount of torrents. Users can quickly navigate and find things using the clean and neat port of the website that’s complemented with the absence of intrusive ads.

Why use Zooqle?

  • Loads of useful sub-categories
  • Sophisticated Method of listing torrents and supplying advice


Torrents. I also do the task of search torrents on different websites. In reality, Torrents.me harvests information from some other sites which hunt torrents. , For example, users can readily get the best torrent sites for films by going to the appropriate category page.

Why use Torrents. Me?

  • Meta
  • Search Trends chart for popular questions


In Addition to this Zooqle, TorLock is just another name among the restricted number of torrent sites which carry a. Com TLD.  The operators of this site appear to be working hard to create TorLock share platform with all the best torrent sites out there.

This Famous torrent site hosts torrents within a range of classes and empowers frequent visitors to keep their user account.

Why useTorLock?

  • Focus On real torrents
  • Get paid for seeing a fake torrent

Do not fall to the copycats, should you?

So, these are a few top torrent sites which might be very helpful for Bit Torrent users in 2019.  We would like to hear the title your favorite torrent site from the comments.


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