Auto IT Script : Back To Programming Again

By | May 9, 2019

The first programming I ever used now I am again getting back to use auto IT script again. Recently made much software with the help of auto it when I was with my friend who used auto it too because he used to give me much idea to use it.  Since he migrated to abroad country, I left it since I do not know much concept about it.

Later I was studying on it and getting some of the ideas for building up macros but I just came up with making new software’s but which were rather very small and portable. It does not used to use much disk space as well as do not exceed between 2 – 5 mb maximum.

Why Auto IT Script

Let me go through auto It first. Auto It Structure programming nearly similar to one we use called C programming. Rather it holds various strings more than c programming and it is very easy to use. This progame was design to build things to get auto like moving mouse without using any things. Moreover, it is very similar to VBscript, which used to automate everything’s. Later it builds to a completely new programming platform which users developed it like looping and others.

Controlling windows and its every movement was possible from this software. This software was released free and hit a lot of programmers and users and because of that, every user developed many projects and made it successful to run operation like programming. Now developer added the feature of programming too. Now, it is called Windows GUI and general scripting using simple keyword strokes.

But,  Now why I wrote about this is, I am again back to develop new software’s and small programs from auto it and I will going to share it in my website at top options giving a new tab as downloads. Every new app build will get a review for it. Since my exam is coming near and it will end up in next week until then I am going to leave my post here and next time coming back again with new software made with Auto It and its review. If you are interested in Auto It programming then you can read it here till I get back

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