15 useful websites for using online time

By | July 21, 2019

15 useful websites for using online time

Are you tired of using Face book at work? Here we are telling you about 15 such websites, through which you can make creative use of your time.


1. How to Do Things

This site does not require much introduction. Whatever you have to do from this website, you will get the reply of everything.

2. Mathrun

This website makes mathematics fun enough. Mathrun is a website that changes mathematical questions to examine the speed of the brain to refine the process of your thinking.

3. Fiverr

A fighter is a website through which you can hire a person for a minimum fee of $ 5. Such as graphic designer, songwriter, marketing and advertising professional, etc.

4. Spreader

Can you read the book fast? Perhaps 800-900 words in a minute, but without understanding and without having to remember, reading is a common mistake that readers often do. The Spider is a fast reading software that increases your reading speed.

5. Classic Short Stories

Sometimes when you are bored, it becomes difficult to spend time. In such a classic Short Stories website can help you, which is a collection of some of the world’s most famous short stories.

6. Poem Hunter

From Poem Hunter Classic, there is an extensive online collection of contemporary poems. If you are interested in reading poems, then log in and read it.

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7. Big Think

Big Think is a website that presents the best ideas available to you all over the world. There are many philosophical and life-saving articles in it, which are very fun to read.

8. Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed is a YouTube channel run by a non-profit organization, Ted (Technology, Entertainment, Design), which is engaged in a campaign to spread good ideas on all sides. The only purpose of this YouTube channel is to educate people in the world.

9. Draw Space

Draw Space is an online portal that helps new artists learn to make art and drawings. This is a relatively extensive library of easy-to-download educational content.

10. Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo is a website that teaches you 18 different languages. This site inspires you to learn a new language itself; of course, it is a very creative use of time.

11. Keyman

A lot has said about learning through entertainment. Many research suggests that learning in sports is better than the traditional learning process. Keyman is a typing game, which increases your typing ability by playing.

12. Unplugged The TV

Unplug the TV is a website that offers an option of television programs. This is a general one-page website that presents a variety of videos for you to watch and gives you an option of annoying TV programs.

13. Free Rice

Free Rice is a non-profit organization’s website, which is operated by the World Food Program under the United Nations. According to the name, the purpose of this web portal is to distribute free rice to developing countries.

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There is a website for JS1 code makers, where they can test their ability on javascript. This website displays all given responses to everyone to see.

15. Music Theory

Music Theory is a collection of information about the discovery and theories of music. This website is beneficial for people who want technical information about music.

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