10 Best Web Tools and Services You Must Have

By | July 29, 2019

10 Best Web Tools and Services You Must Have

There are a lot of websites on the internet and you have a lot of time. Do you want to make proper use of your time on the net? We are presenting some very useful web tools in front of you, which will make your life very easy and fun.

1. Zero Dollars Movies

Zero Dollars Movies is a collection of all movies with full length viewable free YouTube videos. It includes many famous films as well as small films which people do not know but they are quite fun.

2. PixelR

If you are looking for an online image editor, then there is no real answer to PixelR. There are certainly many online image editors present here, but if you cannot buy Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools, then PixelR is the right thing for you.

3. Mega

Mega is the next generation of very famous megaploads website. Megaupload has been closed in 2012 by the US Department of Justice. Megaupload has been re-presented to mega names. But this time it has been brought about like cloud storage and sharing website. Its available capacity is to store up to 50 GB on a secure cloud server for free. If you do not have this mega account yet, then take it for granted. Apart from this, Mega also offers the option to provide an additional capacity of 500 GB of cloud storage at Rs 8500 per year.

4. Online OCR

Online OCR is a website that provides people with Fundamental Optical Character Recognition capability. This is very useful when you have a hard copy of a document and you have to convert it to a soft copy to edit it, or just change it to a readable format like a word on a digital interface.

5. privnote / Wicker

Private Not is a website that allows you to send notes that are ending on your own. It creates a note on a link that automatically expands once it is open. Similarly, Wicker is also a similar app for Android and iOS platforms.

6. Live stream

A live stream is a very interesting discovery. It’s quite like the video podcast section of the iTunes Store, and this website transmits live events. Live Concerts, Interviews, Conferences, Benefit Events; Video graphic Tracking, etc. are included.

7. Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps is a portal through which you can map your way through the marker with the help of Google map. Using Scribble Maps is very easy and convenient.

8. Print what you like

According to the name, print what you like allows you to print the web page prepared according to your requirements. You can remove promotional material and popup from your printed selection. Print what you like user interface is quite simple and easy to use.

9. Pip Bites

This website is ideal for those who are concerned about security in sharing online files. When a file is sent through a website, in this process the data is secured online or on the cloud server. Pipe bites only remove this process. In the process of sending the file, the sender of the file and the recipient of the file, both the people are online together, and the file is sent to the person receiving the directive, which at the same time stays online at the other end and downloads that file. Is. The file cannot stay on a server and therefore the likelihood of being copied or tampered with it ceases.

10. Claude Convert

There are many websites that change the document online. But many of the websites that change the whole file leave some important types. Klux Convert’s tagline is ‘Convert Anything to anything’. It works very well in converting files, and not all of them, but most of the types of files can be converted to other types of files.

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